Things To Consider When Buying A Curved Stair Lift

A curved stair lift is your only option if your stairs have a curve, intermediate landing or have some sort of obstruction. If you are going to buy one you need to be aware of some of the issues with price, length of installation, operating costs and more

Installing a stair chair lift can greatly improve quality of life. Even if you’re not technically disabled, walking up and down stairs can be demanding, frustrating or downright intimidating. Mobility and access to all areas of a home can greatly restore a person’s independence and peace of mind.

If you are considering the installation a curved stair lift you should be aware of a few things before you buy.

The purchase and installation price is expensive. The reason for the high price is because it’s custom built on site and the materials used are more expensive than for a straight stair lift. The track on a straight stair lift is usually made from aluminum. Aluminum is used because of its interchangeability and it’s cheap. Tracks used on curved stair lifts are usually made using both steel and aluminum. Steel is used to provide strength and because it is malleable. Installation of a curved model accounts for the largest proportion of cost and installation can take anything from 3 weeks to 3 months.

Buying a used curved stair lift is really to be avoided unless you buy one from a reputable dealer who will install it for you. Make sure the track being provided is new and not re-conditioned track. This is not considered to be safe and a reconditioned track will not conform to International Safety Standards.

Should you decide at a later date to replace or get rid of your lift and want to sell it, you may find this difficult. Because it is custom made, the stairlift made for your home isn’t going to fit someone else’s. At best you probably will only be able to sell the chair, motor and controls; the track, which constitutes the majority of cost, will be useless to someone else.

Curved stair lifts usually require more servicing than any straight stair lift. Additional stress is caused by the chair having to move along the track around corners. You may find that the ongoing maintenance costs will be higher than those for a straight one.

Not all manufacturers make curved stair lifts. The companies that do are market leaders who make stair lifts of excellent quality. You’ll pay for this excellence though. Companies that do make curved stair lifts include Stannah Stair Lifts (the Stannah 260 stair lift) and Bruno Stair Lifts (Electra-Ride III Custom Curved Rail Stairlift).

What Style Black Beaded Bracelet is Perfect For Me?

A Black Bead Bracelet is the perfect compliment to any wardrobe. Why? Because you can use it to dress up an outfit, and yet it can be casual enough to toss together with jeans and your favorite top find here.

When shopping for a beaded bracelet, you can purchase from a jewelry store at the mall or in your local downtown. You can also shop online where you’ll find a variety of handcrafted beaded jewelry from artisans.

Typically your jewelry store will carry primarily gemstone and semi-precious jewelry. You’ll get faceted gemstones that are set in prong or bezel style settings. When purchasing handcrafted beaded jewelry, you’ll find a much broader range to choose from – thus allowing you to find the perfect handmade beaded bracelet.

Another benefit to working with a jewelry artist is they have the ability to create a custom order black beaded bracelet using exactly the materials you want. Below are the 4 styles of black bead bracelets that are the most popular and most customizable.

1. Lampwork Glass Bead Bracelets – Lampwork glass is an artwork all on it’s own. Local glass artisans use a butane torch and glass rods and create each glass bead individually. While trying to get the perfect size and shape, because each bead is handcrafted, no two beads will be 100% identical. The fun part about chosing a glass bead bracelet, you can rest assured that someone poured their heart and passion into each one of those beads that make up your special handcrafted beaded jewelry.

2. Crystal Beaded Bracelet – Yes, crystals really do come in black. When working with Swarovski crystal, solid black is called Jet. There’s also a special finish that can be applied to crystals creating an iridescent finish. This is called the Aurora Borealis coating. Crystal are by nature very symmetrical, faceted and can be used to create very elegant jewelry. You can also stray slightly lighter to a smoke colored Swarovski Crystal. Unlike the opaque jet colored crystal, smoke is translucent allowing light to flow through it and causing the crystal to sparkle. With the variety of crystal colors on the market today, virtually any style look you desire can be created into a black beaded bracelet.

3. Seed Bead Bracelet – Seed beads are those really tiny beads that make people wonder just how anybody works with them without going blind. They have an infinite amount of colors, finishes, textures, even shapes. You can find seed beads in round styles or triangles, even hexagon-shaped beads. If you are looking for a black bead bracelet that has a lot of texture, then a seed bead bracelet might be your perfect choice. Seed Beads can be made into rope styles, flat cuff styles and even woven into larger decorative beads. Using the infinite colors available it’s also possible to replicate your favorite photo made completely of beads.

4. Mixed Materials Bracelets – By far, the most common handcrafted beaded jewelry contains a variety of different materials. Mixing crystals and pearls for example can create a black beaded bracelet that speaks of classic elegance with a touch of modern brilliance. People use handcrafted lampwork glass beads as large focal object and add smaller glass, resin or ceramic beads as accents.