Car Battery Charger

There are some really neat products on the market that are a much safer and steady solution to jump or charge your car battery than jumping it with another running car. The main reason for this is the portable chargers are not at risk for exploding and they charge your battery just enough to get your car started instead of blasting it with power like a running car does best auto battery charger.

Portable car battery chargers are easy to maintain as you simply just plug it into a wall jack to charge it up. Once the battery charger has fully charged you just put it in the truck of the car or put it in the car somewhere.

To operate the portable charger, you simple connect the positive and negative cables to the positive and negative receptor on your car battery. Some portable chargers instantly start charging once connected, others you actually just flip the “ON” switch. Let the charger charge the battery for about 3 minutes before you try starting the car. Like i said previously, a lower voltage current is going into the battery to reduce explosion risk so it may take a minute or two to charge the car battery enough to start.