Tea – Opening the Eyes to God

Tea has the power to illustrate God within the person who faithfully drinks of it. It can bring the person to visualize God in his or her eyes and show the Presence of God within. Yet blind faith is good; the person should still not see most other things Spiritual tea.

It’s good if your eyes are “one” which is sometimes called being “single-eyed.” What does it mean to have these eyes? It’s when you have just one single Thing that you see–God. You envision little else and when you do, you cast those others out of your eyes.

This is the ideal and if you do make your eyes one, God will have a relationship with them. God will help you to see nothing else. But you will still be able to look upon many other things when drinking tea with God since you’ll think and feel so many new things.

And you’ll have plans for your future that include viewing what God wants along with your own desires. Blind faith itself isn’t really the culprit here because so many people often want to look at the wrong things they shouldn’t focus on.

That’s what causes jealous rivalries. Those people are greedy to be like their neighbors who seem so blessed. Tea can blind you to such competition. Tea can shut out those outer things from your sight.

It can turn your eyes to the Light which is God speaking inside you. No one should remain blind to The One but instead everyone needs to watch for God to come and appear within the self.